Since the company was established in 2012, CV. Sinar Surya has cultivated its status as a pioneer of briquette factory and whole seller of coconut shell charcoal. We are a company that has competence in the field of making briquette from various raw material and various shapes and forms.


Our company flagship product is a premium shisha briquette. Guided by our corporate philosophy of “Trusworthiness and Innovation,” we have continued to challenge ourselves to improve their quality characteristics, such as higher heating value, smokelessness, odorlessness, and fast or slow burning characteristic. Our market are Indonesia, China, Saudi Arabia, Jordania, Riyadh and other countries.


Our Purpose is to be a leader in the charcoal briquette industry by providing a best quality of charcoal product and enhance services, relationship and profitablity



Our Vision is provide the best quality product and great services that exceeds an expectation of our esteemed customer



Our Mission is to build a long term relationship with our client and customers and also provide exceptional customer services by persuing business through innovation and services